Cycle of the Interpreted and the Observed

As Creators, what we create and how largely stem from our ideas and interpretations of life.

What we observe and how we interpret the seen (as well as the unseen) determine the way we see life and our approach to creation.

Involvement of the Creator and contextual understanding by the Audience is where, ‘what we create and how we create’ come together; evoking reactions and responses to the created. What we create could either be a simultaneous process or a sequential mix of the observed and the interpreted.

‘What we observe’ is based on what we choose to see, while ‘how we interpret’ is based on multiple factors ascribed to our understandings based on situations, contexts, and moods.

This drives the ‘whys’ and ‘hows’ of making, leading to what is created.

Often, we observe something new in a creation when we see it for the second time. This happens not because it wasn’t there earlier, but it wasn’t observed. This time, in another situation, another context, another mood, we find it.

Multiple factors such as experiences, evolution, learnings, tastes, and preferences among other things significantly influence our impressions of life. Interpretation therefore becomes a gateway to what we choose to see and create.

Thus the creative process of ideation, conceptualization, and the impact have their souls drowned in observation and interpretation.

Image: Maya II: A Creation from Sparsha by Radhika. Image Credits: P N Radhika

Originally posted on my blog at [] on 31st July 2021.



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