Inspiring the Making

Sources of inspiration for a creation can be vast, diverse.

Inspiration brings the idea home when a Creator feels a deep sense of resonance, a connect, to tap into specific sensibilities.

Inspiration could be a spontaneous streak, or a conscious usage as a backdrop or a springboard to craft the perspective into a Creation.

As a Creator, I experience that there is definitely something that inspires us to make. This could be conscious, subconscious, tangible or intangible. We could thus consciously craft what inspires us or what we inspire.

The nature of inspiration might run the sleek line of purpose and positioning too, for the work holds our name. Over a period of time, this could become synonymous with what people find inspirational about our works.

An inspiration-driven approach could accentuate the specialties of each of us as Creators; offering immense possibilities to build and develop robust, moving sensibilities through the intrinsic passions we truly hold for our craft.

Originally posted on my blog: on 15th April, 2021.



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PN Radhika

PN Radhika

Artist at Sparsha : Transforming Your Spaces with Customised Creations