The Map of Responses

Image Credits: A close-up shot from ‘Samudra: The Surreal Sea’ — A creation from Sparsha by Radhika

Mapping responses is important for Creators.

What we perceive as response, in anticipation might of course turn tables on us in due course. But that should not become a reason for us to not map out our part of it. We could study, survey, anticipate and map the potential way we see our works being received. Perception of the viewers is of course subjective. With that, there comes along an objective take; a wide angle of estimated impact.

This could partly influence the way we pursue our mapping processes based on the target audience, geographies, and the existing market scenarios. Through a wide lens, scanning or anticipating could become monotonous too. To make this engaging, there is always the variant platter of contexts which our audiences bring. They provide to us, a plethora of subjects and ramifications to construct, analyze, reflect and takeaway from. (larger the audience, more the quantitative side for responses, and more specific the target audience in attendance, better the qualitative side of responses)

Mapping responses could also help us analyze various areas to draw precious information and commercial data from, such as how variant age groups across geographies and backgrounds receive our work, how many views convert themselves convincingly into sales irrespective of whether on or offline and so on. Thus, mapping responses as creators, could be of immense value to create awareness and learn about the audience(s) who complete our circle of creation through reception and perception.

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