To Start at the Beginning

As artists, tracing down the origin(s) of a creation could often become a tentative measure to reflect on our own creative process; sometimes only to find that there isn’t a trace of an origin at all. This could imply either a recollection of a concrete starting point or an eventual journey of metamorphosis — incubating and nurturing a certain idea leading to an intensely staged process (organic flow).

Assumptions as well as exceptions could arise whilst weaving the creative narrative for our creations; what we perceive with no scruples whatsoever could indeed become an effective way to navigate the intimate pathways of the relationship between the Creator and Creation, as subjectively intended and perceived.

To me, the essence of the trace lies in the intricate nooks of involvement to which the quantitative control lies solely with the Creator. The process of finding the trace might even ignite an idea to sculpt another creative process! Tangible or Intangible. Thus, to start at the beginning as a reflective journey could evolve to become an incredible possibility to explore and develop creative possibilities!

Originally published on my website on 18th January 2022:

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